We’re Not So Different, You and I

I’m a Millennial. I don’t really know why, but it seems that older generations find joy – like, actual joy – in hating us. We’re entitled, lazy, disrespectful, contradicting, defiant, addicted to technology, petty, obnoxious, etc…I could go on forever. I find that if I have a different opinion than someone older than me, it’s wrong – and it’s not because I have an operating brain capable of creating its own thoughts. It’s because I’m a Millennial. We’re stupid. We’re ignorant. We live up in the clouds with our pink hair and tattoos and Instagram every morsel of food that enters our bodies.

Here’s a lil’ bit about me, a Millennial: I got married when I was twenty years old (and will have been married for three years on Wednesday – huzzah!). I own my own vehicle. I am currently saving to purchase my first home. I have two puppies that I would gladly sell love. I have a job that I adore (and that I arrive on time for every single day). I like to think I have a strong work ethic. I hate when I fall short of goals, both relating to my work and personal. I take great pride in my work and I will bust my ass to make sure I’m doing my part for my team. My plate is never full, but when it’s getting close I eat some of it to make room for more (then I Instagram what I ate).

I’m silly and can crack a joke with anyone, no matter how serious they are. I’m probably seen as immature sometimes, but as the wise prophet Drake once said – YOLO (Google it, Grandmama). I do show my age, and I’m proud of that. I don’t want to pretend to be older than I am because I’ll just end up disappointing myself when my life doesn’t look like the lives of those around me. That mentality shouldn’t be a problem, but Gen-X and Baby Boomers think that’s why Millennials are failures. We’re not “serious about our future.” I’m sorry, but I don’t want to race through life begrudgingly only to die and have to spend another eternity with those who hated me because of the time period in which I was born. That just ain’t fair.

I am young, but I have no problem arguing with someone older than me. I think respect is earned both ways and age is just a number. If you’re not going to respect me just because I’m younger than you, I’m going to reciprocate that right back at ‘cha. It’s not defiance – it’s a mutual expectation of…well, basic human decency?

I realize I’m not a genius and have not lived the seasoned years of the generations before me, but I really – like really, really – do not need an older person to explain every. single. thingto me. I have general knowledge, and what I don’t know I can always look up on Wikipedia. If I hear “You shouldn’t jump into a home purchase if you’re not 100% certain. You can’t just move out once you move in” or even the word “kids” ONE MORE TIME, I will end it all.

I feel you, Batman.

I’m not a special case, either. Most people my age that I know are in the exact same spot as me. Steady jobs, families, annoying dogs, vehicles, saving money, etc… Doesn’t that sound normal? I certainly think so.

I see no reason for belittling young people just because of their age. I see no reason for using what Facebook knowledge Gen-X and Baby Boomers have to post articles about how Millennials are ruining the world. I see no reason for lectures at family events or comments about my tattoos or pink hair. I don’t really want to hear about how you had three jobs and had to walk up a hill both ways to get there. I don’t like seeing Gen-X and Baby Boomers being rude to their young waiters and not tipping them because the waiter didn’t say “yes sir.” I don’t like being called stupid for not agreeing with the political views of my older relatives. To me, this type of behavior seems to come from those who are entitled, lazy, disrespectful, contradicting, defiant, and obnoxious.

“Wait, isn’t that how you described Millennials earlier?” To quote the international spy extraordinaire Austin Powers, “We’re not so different, you and I.”

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