My Emotions Using Only Carrie Fisher GIFs


When someone compliments me and I want more compliments.


When McDonald’s ice cream machine is down.


When my boss tells me I made a well-educated point.


When I tell a joke about someone right as they walk in the room and I can’t decide if they heard me or not.
Whenever someone criticizes a certain behavior and I have to hide the fact that I did the same thing last weekend.


When someone nominates me to drive downtown.



When someone mansplains something to me. 


When I want to make an inappropriate joke to my BFF but I’m in a professional setting and can only use eye signals.


When I want to argue, but know it’ll cause a scene.


When I see the waiter bringing my food out.


When my husband asks me to go to the gym with him.


Whenever I hear someone say Taylor Swift is the new Britney.


When I show up to brunch without a hangover.


When I have to Facebook stalk someone.


When I’m out and can’t remember if I turned my flat iron off.


Whenever I hear someone say something so idiotic, such as Taylor Swift is the new Britney, that I physically have to look the other way.


When someone interrupts me.


When someone pronounces my name wrong.


Whenever I read an article about a dog dying.


When someone asks me about a movie I haven’t seen.



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